This is a simple utility to split (usually) aligned character strings, such as, but not only, DNA or protein sequences, at a chosen position from right or left. One may retrieve either or both of the resulting sets. See an example.

Typically one will be working with a simple text editor or spreadsheet, and using monospace font. If numbers are being split, a spreadsheet is being used, and one wishes to keep the leading zeros in a split string, it is likely necessary to format the cells for text (not general or number) in before pasting in the result.

Note that leading and trailing spaces are removed from the input lines, but the spaces contained within the lines are preserved.

Paste a set of character strings into the Input column. Choose the number for the cut position. Then click on Submit. The Left and Right parts of the split IDs appear in the other two columns. Click on the column to copy and select all (Ctrl A, or right click and choose "select all"), copy (Ctrl C, or right click and choose "copy"), then paste into a blank (text) column in your spreadsheet or into a document.

If you wish, you may check for strings which are identical in the right or left result set.

Splitter Form
Input Column (shows 200) Left Substring Right Substring Controls

Number of characters from the

Check for duplicates in output columns?
Left Right


screen capture of the splitter in use.
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